Available from 10:30 -5:30

Tuesday, August 22nd

Soup of the Day:   Tomato FlorentineBeef Stew & Chili

Quiche of the Day: Quiche Lorraine

# 1 Quiche of the Day served hot or cold with a side salad $6.99 or plain $4.99

# 2 New  Steak Tip Sub: Char broiled Steakhouse marinated steak tips with pepperjack cheese and peppers and onions on a sub roll. $9.25

# 3 Rte. 110 Special: Freshly sliced pastrami with honey mustard, tomatoes, melted Swiss cheese served on a sub roll. $9.50

# 4 Fruited Curry Chicken Salad :  Our homemade chicken salad with apples, dried cranberries, red grapes, curry, toasted pecans, and Romaine lettuce on a white/ wheat wrap.  $8.25

# 5 Pesto Chicken Panini: Our fresh chicken cutlets with our pesto sauce roasted red peppers and melted provolone on Ciabatta. $9.25